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Bodywork: Rib Work for Horses

Rib Work with Megan Ayrault

Guest Blog, by Megan Ayrault, LMP, L/SAMP

Here’s a video to help your horse’s ribs, breath, and back, which in turn helps their whole body and athletic performance.

This YouTube video also includes a little discussion of the anatomy and physiology behind it, so it will make more sense as you practice, and you’ll get better results! That’s how I like to teach all my E-Learning courses. Combining technique with the key anatomy insights for each particular move, makes it all more fun, more interesting, and more effective! I have more for you to help your horse’s ribs with a free “Anti-Aging” mini e-course that I give my email members at PowerOfTouchForAnimals.com.

Megan works with Holistic Equestrian, Inc in conjunction with Dr. Hannah Meuller of Cedarbrook Veterinary Care and Dr. Taryn Rathbone of Balanced Horse Veterinary Care to help horses recover more quickly and easily from age, stress, strains, injuries and illnesses. Check out her Power of Touch website for lots more interesting and educational information, blogs, videos and classes.


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