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Holistic Equestrian is the brainchild of Tammy Prevo, creator of Ridefit, Equi-Yoga instructor, certified Fitness Trainer, and lifelong Equestrian. In her quest to be an ever-improving rider with stronger, fitter, more sound horses, Tammy created a program that employs a unique combination of rider and horse training to develop all-around better riders and more athletic sport horses that stay sounder longer and are happier with their lives.

With about 35 years’ experience riding and showing in Combined Training and Dressage, Tammy’s passion is developing the horse to his/her maximum potential as a calm, confident athlete capable of easily doing whatever job is asked of him/her. Whether that’s trail riding, Dressage competition, jumping, or galloping cross country, Tammy can develop each horse as an individual methodically and safely, resulting in an overall better athlete.

Additionally, Tammy has an enormous depth and breadth of practical and historical knowledge of riding and training tools that she can impart to her students so that they have all the tools for the job and the understanding of when and how to use them, no matter what the horse or situation throws at them.

“Why” is Tammy’s favorite question, so if you ever wanted to know why you’ve been told to do something, why someone would use a specific piece of tack or equipment, or why your horse reacts in certain ways, Tammy can explain the underlying principles so you can be a more conscious and effective horse owner/rider.

Infinitely practical, supportive, positive, fun, and passionate about everything horses and riding, Tammy is a great instructor for riders who’ve lost confidence, don’t want to work with rude or abusive trainers, or really want to create a tremendously rewarding relationship with a horse beyond just telling it what to do and when.