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Building a Better Sport Horse

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Let us get your horse started on a path to reaching his/her greatest potential, or build on what he or she already knows to make him/her a better athlete.
vaccination with horse


Build a stronger, fitter, more athletic and confident horse with specialized conditioning for sport horses.
Cavaletti walk


Whether you need help with your balance, technique or skill, Tammy can give you a leg up on your competition (yourself!).


Our horses are athletes, and so are we. Maximize your ride time with Ridefit training. Look better, Feel better, Ride better!

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Holistic Equestrian provides Dressage training and instruction, as well as sport horse conditioning and rehabilitation. Tammy Prevo, owner of Holistic Equestrian is a certified fitness trainer as well, and is the creator of the Ridefit™ fitness program specifically for riders. With her background in both human and equine fitness and training, she can combine her experience for a holistic approach to creating great horse and rider partnerships.

To meet Tammy and find out how a Holistic Equestrian training program can support your riding and training goals, schedule an appointment.



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