Holistic Equestrian occasionally takes horses in for sale, or help riders find their next equine partner. Our commitment is to full disclosure and making the right match for each horse and rider. We believe there is a person for every horse, and a horse for every person. The challenge is getting the two to cross paths! If you’re looking for a new partner or need a new home for your current one, please let us know. We would be delighted to help.

Horses For Sale

Big Red (Dr. Deputy)

“Big Red” is appropriately named. He’s a big, sweet guy, who wants to be in your pocket. I’ve ridden a lot of Thoroughbreds, and while Red can have his TB moments (mostly on the lunge line), he is the most mellow, least spooky TB I’ve ever ridden. He LOVES to hack out. He is clever to the jumps and very careful. He is a little slow to get his big body going, but once he’s on, he’s on.

According to his previous owner, he was jumping 3’3″, doing 1st Level Dressage, also some shoulders-in, trained some cross country, and competed in a few 3-day schooling shows. He’s been cooling his heels with his current owners, but he’s hacking out, doing conditioning rides and arena work with us daily. He lost a lot of fitness before he got to us, so we’re getting him back to his big, sexy self. He’s pretty much a push-button ride. He totally needs to have a career as a low level Eventer. He’s got all the right talent. But he’d be super happy as a low level Dressage horse or even just a fantastically flashy trail partner.

Full disclosure: Red suffered a pretty catastrophic injury when he was very young such that the top part of his right pelvic bone was broken. Instead of a hip bump, he has a dip. It does not seem to affect his movement. As far as we can tell, he actually raced with it this way, but because of the unusual nature of the injury, we had him thoroughly checked out. He has been cleared by Pilchuck veterinarian, Dr. Sillich, for full work, with no caveats, within the past 90 days. He does recommend that Red have cavaletti included in his workout regimen.

Red is a gentle but sensitive soul who would like a calm and confidence-building rider. He will try anything if he trusts you, and he will trust you if you are patient and let him figure things out. At 6, he has many years of great training ahead of him, and he’s going to totally be a (tall) grandma’s horse when he’s all grown up! We are currently working on a video, so stay tuned.

To meet Red and set up a test ride, email Tammy Prevo @

Currently Looking For

Casually keeping our eyes open for a 100% reliable, small statured, abject beginner’s horse. Age and relative soundness are negotiable.