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Holistic Equestrian occasionally takes horses in for sale, or help riders find their next equine partner. Our commitment is to full disclosure and making the right match for each horse and rider. We believe there is a person for every horse, and a horse for every person. The challenge is getting the two to cross paths! If you’re looking for a new partner or need a new home for your current one, please let us know. We would be delighted to help.

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Holistic Equestrian is delighted to offer this lovely boy for sale to his perfect person. Rowan is an 8 year old Thoroughbred standing 16.3hh. He is a stunning dappled grey, with the kindest, most willing personality you could ever want. After an unimpressive start as a racehorse, Rowan tried his hand as a 3-day eventer. He is an exceptionally talented jumper, had 3 years of professional training, and truly seemed to enjoy the job, but his racing days unfortunately left him with continued maintenance that isn’t quite suitable for jumping.

Although he is quite sound in a full (5 days a week) training/conditioning program currently, with only very light maintenance, there is no guarantee that he would stay this sound should he start jumping again. Therefore, we are offering him as an amateur friendly dressage horse. He is a talented enough mover to do well in dressage competitions, with big, but super comfortable gaits, a powerful engine and soft back, and a work ethic to die for. He seems to enjoy hacking out alone or with company, and while he’s sensitive and always aware of his surroundings, he is also very sensible and manageable, even if something momentarily excites him.

Rowan is a laid back, fun and funny character, and will truly bond with his person. He loves having a job and would thrive best in a program with an owner and trainer who are kind and patient. He would be welcome to stay in his current program, as well. Rowan has extensive xrays and vet reports that we are happy to share with serious potential buyers. He stands quietly for farriers, vets, chiropractors, bathing, grooming, vacuuming, kisses on the nose, and even babies who hug his face. The absolute perfect home for this very special horse is more important than price, but we are listing him at $8500 because of his stellar character.

Located in Monroe, WA. Contact tammy@holisticequestrianinc.com for more information and to schedule an appointment to meet Rowan.
Video: youtu.be/aQUObpC4b5I

To meet Rowan and set up a test ride, email Tammy Prevo @ tammy@holisticequestrianinc.com

Currently Looking For

Casually keeping our eyes open for a 100% reliable, small statured, Grand Prix horse for an adult amateur. Must be a confidence builder. Age and relative soundness are negotiable, although horse must be maintainable for show condition.