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Use your horse’s rehab time for a better ride in Snohomish County

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As an equestrian, you want a solid connection with your horse. You want to know that your horse enjoys the activities with you and wants to do what you ask. Do you remember why you wanted a horse? It was because you know how amazing their spirits and hearts are. You know how much trust and dedication these giant sentient beings have for the caring individual that offers them time, patience, and love.

Just like people, horses get injured. When they do, they need rest, regeneration, exercise, and rehabilitation. An injury adds strain on you and your horse because while the horse is healing, you end up not riding. You both want to get out there and ride like the wind, but you both need physical flexibility, mobility, and strength. If there was a lag in riding and training, you start to lose the connection with your horse. When you finally get on again, it’s like starting all over. What do you do after losing that connection?

Do you struggle with the same riding challenges over and over again?

Once your horse heals, they are full of wild energy, but you are not physically ready for the ride if you haven’t ridden for a couple of weeks or months. 

Riders often feel that they are too stiff, or too uncomfortable, or not as healthy as they want to be to enjoy the ride. You may feel that it is too late for you to get in shape. This is not true. You can improve your strength, agility, and endurance no matter what stage you’re at. Your horse needs exercise and training, and so do you. You can do it together, which is a perfect way for the two of you to connect again.

Use your horse’s rehab time for your rehab time and become a better rider.

You may feel that your hips are too tight, or you deal with spinal problems. Your healing has to be more specific and focus on the areas that require adjustments. With very little work and time, you will see improvements, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. You may keep telling yourself that you have to get in shape but can’t figure out why you are not getting there. Perhaps you are not feeling effective or coordinated when riding. You know it’s possible to feel comfortable and free on your horse, but you just don’t know how to get there.

The solution is a fitness routine that corresponds with your horse. You need to get in sync with your horse physically, mentally, and emotionally. What you need is an expert who has experience in physical fitness for both humans and horses.

Tammy Prevo, the owner of Holistic Equestrian, is a certified fitness trainer and creator of the Ridefit™ fitness program specifically for riders. Tammy will show you how to gear up and get back in shape with five steps to help you ride like a pro. With Tammy’s guidance, you will be riding your horse again and feeling the connection you truly want.

Five Steps That Will Make you Ride Like Pro

Tammy supplies you with exercises and movements that will specifically support your individual riding concerns. Tammy modifies the Ridefit™ exercises according to your problem areas, even if you have weakness, tension, or injuries. 

Be sure to rehab with your horse and continue using your riding muscles with the following exercises.

  1. Believe and Commit – Commit to scheduling time to improve yourself by walking your horse daily and adding exercises. It’s what you want, so get back to what you love to do. Believe that you can make tiny improvements that make big changes. Once you start, you won’t want to stop.
  2. Hand walk with your horse daily – Add mild exercises while your horse is walking. (eg. lunges, torso twists, etc.) It’s okay to have a trainer walk your horse on days that you can’t, but take advantage of healing with your horse when you can. Use Tammy’s guidance for exercises that will energize you and make that walk fun.
  3. At-home exercises – 15- 20 minutes a day/ 3-4x a week with a ball and yoga mat. Improve balance, flexibility, strength, and decrease injury strain with specific warm-ups that get you back to riding.
  4. Supplemental with yoga or aerobic fitness – Find a combination of strength training and flexibility with classes including, but not limited to, RideFit™, Fitness Camps, Zumba, and Yoga. These help to encourage chest opening, mobility, and balance for the most comfortable and controlled experience with your horse. (Don’t worry if you can’t do this immediately or you’re short on time. If you do steps 1-3, you will notice big improvements and will still be able to ride. As you feel better, you can add to your routine later.)
  5. Transition to riding –  Set yourself up for success by making you and your horse comfortable and relaxed.
  • Whatever equipment you need, do everything in your power to be safe. 
  • Plan for a quiet time at the barn. Make sure someone is there.
  • Get sedatives for your horse if needed. 
  • Use a bucking strap, draw reins, 
  • Over-prepare. It’s better to have things you don’t need than to need something that you don’t have.

Tammy provides clients with a value of confidence for themselves. With confidence, your body works better in the saddle so that you can have fun riding instead of being afraid. In addition to the above steps, Tammy shares with you in-depth information, knowledge, and support to help you get back to riding. 

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