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Horse Health: Holistic Parasite Management for Horses

Horses grazing

By Hannah Mueller, DVM Many barns still use basic rotational deworming with chemical products for parasite control. However, recent information and research is warning of parasite resistance to certain types of popular dewormers, and is calling for better management practices. Let’s take a look at how you can update your deworming program. Why deworming is necessary […]

Conditioning Corner: Why Cavaletti are a Must-Have part of your Training Program

Drambuie and Cavaletti

What is Cavaletti work? According to Wikipedia, “Cavaletti were invented by Federico Caprilli and designed to help a horse improve its balance, adjust its length of stride, and to loosen and strengthen its muscles.” This is a neatly concise and accurate definition of the benefits of using cavaletti in a horse’s training and conditioning program. […]